Interactive Brokers LLC

With JSCommunicator, investors anywhere in the world can call their broker thanks to the efficiency and security of WebRTC. Interactive Brokers is the first significant player on Wall Street to operate a customer-facing WebRTC contact solution. It is based on JSCommunicator and uses jQuery-UI multi-level menus to help callers navigate the call center menus without the hassle of using DTMF touch-tones:

As in any web site in the financial services industry, the site uses TLS and SRTP encryption to protect customer communications. TLS and SRTP are a mandatory element of WebRTC.

The service can be accessed using context-sensitive links from various places in the customer web portal. Using the WebSocket cookie support it is able to recognize authenticated customers and take their location and language preferences into account when routing their call to agents in any of the company's global call centers.

Debian Developer SIP service

The Debian Project provides a SIP service to all Debian Developers.

The service allows users to make free calls to any arbitrary SIP address.