JSCommunicator is a full-featured phone, webcam and messaging application built using HTML5 and JavaScript. No plugin is required to use JSCommunicator, just a recent web browser with WebRTC support. JSCommunicator is powered by the JSSIP SIP stack.

The project aims to provide the easiest solution for web designers to add click-to-call and chat services on a web site, intranet phone-book, CMS or publishing framework.

JSCommunicator is available to everybody free of charge under the terms of the GPL v2 or later.


  • Distributed as a HTML fragment and JavaScript that can be embedded into existing web pages and CMS systems. It can also be used with a trivial Server Side Include (demo included) to construct a static page.
  • Auto dial a number from the URL
  • Auto dial a number from the configuration
  • Choose whether or not users may control SIP registration state
  • Optional DTMF dialpad may be displayed in-call
  • Supports audio or video/webcam calls: administrator may choose whether or not users can call with/without video or leave it for user to control
  • Easy to internationalize (no English text embedded in the JavaScript, all text visible to users is in the HTML)
  • All style/layout/appearance/branding can be controlled using CSS
  • Chat/instant messaging support: coming soon!
  • Free, open source software with community collaboration through Github